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My husband and I will be in Kyushu sight-seeing for 2 weeks. I would like to enquire how I can make best use of the JR pass. Are there 2 one-week passes cover the whole trip? Is that possible to take the Aso Boy and Ibusuki no Tamatebako special trains on those days? I was told that I cannot make reservations with the JR pass for those special trains. How can I book those trains and how many days should I book in advance?

Also, I know that I have to buy the pass in Canada and pick up at the JR station upon arrival in Fukuoka. Please confirm.

Below is our itinerary:

Oct 8 - Arrive Fukuoka from Canada in the evening
Oct 9 - Fukuoka in town travel
Oct 10 - Mojiko port / Karato Market
Oct 11 - Fukuoka to Kumamoto
Oct 12 - Kumamoto in town travel
Oct 13 - Kumamoto to Aso (stay overnight at Miyaji)
Oct 14 - Miyaji or Aso to Kumamoto
Oct 15 - Kumamoto to Kagoshima
Oct 16 - Kagoshima to Ibusuki (stay 2 nights)
Oct 18 - Ibusuki to Kagoshima
Oct 19 - Sakurajima
Oct 20 - Kagoshim to Fukuoka
Oct 22 - Depart from Japan

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Hi Vanessa,

Kyushu is great! It's also secretly my favorite part of Japan. The weather is nice, there are beautiful beaches and shorelines, there's a lot of untouched nature, active volcano's, history (Nagasaki) and it has a great capital (Fukuoka). The JR Pass will also cover all train travel you will do, including the Aso boy and Ibusuki trains.

Where did you read that you can't reserve those trains? I last traveled one year ago on them in the summer. Maybe the Ibusuki train is a local train and may not have seat reservations, however I am sure that you can reserve the Aso boy.

As for ordering the JR Pass. Please place an order online, we will then send you a voucher by FedEx Express, which you can then exchange at Hakata (Fukuoka) station.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I will get the passes when it's finalized.

Will touch base with you again.



Have you heard about the recent floods in Hiroshima and Kyushu? I understand that many people had to be evacuated. Do you think that everything will be ok by the time you travel and do you think that presently, the sightseeing areas are affected?


Hi Ehon, Thanks for the update. I know there's flooding in Hiroshima and will check for an update in Kyushu. Much appreciated.


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