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kyoto to tokyo with the jr 7 day pass

Kyoto to Tokyo with the JR 7 day pass

I'm getting the JR 7 day pass for the 1st leg of my Japan trip from Haneda Airport to Kyoto to Tokyo. I'm staying in Kyoto for 6 days with separate day tours to Hiroshima/Miyahima, Nara and Arashiyama/Sagayo. On the 7th day, I'm leaving Kyoto headed to my hotel in Tokyo which is a minute walk from the No.2 exit of Ueno Subway station, a 2 minute walk from UENO Japan Rail station and a 6 minute walk from Keisei-Ueno station. Please advise on how to get there with the JR pass.

Here's the 2nd leg of my trip: I'm staying at the Tokyo Hotel for 3 days. My plan is to take a day trip to Kamakura and for the remaining time explore Tokyo. From Tokyo, I'm flying out of Narita. Please advise what's my best option of transportation.

Thank you!


Hi there,

Looks like a great trip!

For Ueno from Kyoto you can use this itinerary.

While you are in Tokyo, I recommend using a metro pass or travel card, and purchasing the JR ticket to Kamakura/Narita as needed. You may want to look at the Kanto area pass which you can purchase on arrival in Japan, but only if you think you'll do enough travel to warrant it (the return to Kamakura and single to Narita will not cover the cost of the pass).

Hope this helps!

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