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kurama onsen (kyoto) route check

Kurama onsen (Kyoto) Route Check

Is it possible to use the JR Pass to go from Kyoto to Kamura Hot Spring Hotel on Mt. Kamura and then from Kamura Hot Spring Hotel to Kansai Airport in Osaka?

We would like to arrive at the Station for Kamura Hot Spring Hotel at about 2:30 pm or earlier on Oct. 10, 2012 and we must arrive at the Kansai Airport near Osaka by at least 2:pm on Oct. 12


Hi there,

I'm afraid the JR Pass won't cover the fulltrip to Kurama onsen as parts are operated by non-JR companies. At ¥930 each way from Kyoto the trip is relatively low cost however. To get to Kansai Airport from Kurama, you should return to Kyoto station and then board the Haruka to take you direct to the airport.

The latest Haruka to get you into Kansai airport before 2pm leaves Kyoto at 12:15pm, so you should aim to be in Kyoto by 11:45am to arrange tickets and find the correct platform. This means you will need to leave Kurama on the 10:38 train at the latest.

Hope this helps!

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