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kumagaya travel

Kumagaya travel

We will be in Japan in 2 weeks and need to travel from Kumagaya area to Osaka and back. Is it more practical to get a JR Pass and does the JR line even pass through the Kumagaya region? Also, my husband is very tall 6'4'' so should we opt for a Green car if we choose to get the pass????


Hi there,

The JR Bullet Train does stop in Kumagaya city so you'll certainly be able to travel by train if you can make it to this station:

Here is a sample weekday itinerary from Kumagaya to Osaka for reference: As you can see you'll need to travel into Tokyo on a Bullet and then out from there to Osaka. One way will take approx. 4 hours and cost ¥16,780. The roundtrip standard fare will come to ¥33,560, so if you buy a 7 day Japan Rail Pass (¥28,300) you will each save ¥5,260.

Although Japan is renowned for it's small apartments, the seating on the bullet train is pretty generous, and your husband should have no problems with leg room (although he won't be able to stretch out). The seats have a little more legroom than Premium Economy seating on an aeroplane I think. Here's a photo to give you more of an idea of the legroom on the bullet to Tokyo: With a green car there is a lot more room, and you can get an idea of the sort of seats you will be able to use here in our blog post on the green car seats.

Hope this helps!

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Wow, your reply makes me feel better with the extra knowledge. Thanks~!


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