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kawaguchiko to kyoto

Kawaguchiko to Kyoto

Hello there, need some advise please.

I will be using the JR Pass

Here is my itinerary.
09/07 descent from Mt Fuji and leave for Kyoto.
1. What is the best and fastest way to reach Kyoto.?


Kyoto to Hiroshima
2. What's the best and fastest way to reach Hiroshima?

Hiroshima to Nagoya
3. Same question as above.

I am confused with the JR Pass. There is not direct train on these routes that I'm doing? There are too many trains which makes me even confused. Please help. Also the best way to get to the 5th Station is by taking a bus from Shinjuku right? This isn't covered with the JR Pass right? Must I make a booking in advance or can I purchase the tickets once I am in Shinjuku?

Most of the time based on my routes, there will be transit right? Thank u so much for your respond.

Delly Cz
Delly Cz

Hello there,

I think taking a direct bus from Kawaguchiko 5th station to Shinjuku is the most convenient way to start your travels. It would be the easiest option, though not covered by the JR Pass. You can then start using the JR Pass from Shinjuku station. To get to Kyoto from there, take a local train to Tokyo and board the bullet train directly from there to Kyoto.

From Kyoto - Hiroshima using the JR Pass. Take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka, at Shin-Osaka transfer to the Sakura Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

From Hiroshima - Nagoya with the JR Pass. Take the Sakura Shinkansen back to Shin-Osaka and transfer there to a Hiraki service bound for Nagoya (and Tokyo).

Ticket reservations are not mandatory but recommended, as they just give you that extra peace of mind knowing you have seats secured.

Hope this helps,

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