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kansai thru pass (surutto kansai) for kansai airport-kobe-naoshima

Kansai Thru Pass (Surutto Kansai) for Kansai airport-Kobe-Naoshima


I have some questions about the Kansai Thru Pass (Surutto Kansai). I would like to travel to Kobe from Kansai airport to catch the Kobe Fireworks Festival. Then head down to Naoshima from Kobe.

2 Aug (Sat): Kansai airport - Kobe
3 Aug (Sun): Kobe Fireworks Festival
4 Aug (Mon): Kobe – Naoshima (Overnight)

Just wondering if i can save transportation costs if I use the Kansai Thru Pass (Surutto Kansai) (Zenkoku or Kansai version as I am working in Japan currently). In order to get to Naoshima, I need to take to Uno station (Okayama Prefecture). Can anyone tell me if I can use the Kansai Thru pass to geto Naoshima. Will I save money? Or I should just do 'ala carte' travel? Thanks!


Hi there!

The Kansai Thru Pass can be a good deal if you travel a lot within Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara). However it does not include JR lines and can be confusing to use as it involves different companies. In addition it also does not include travel Uno (or Naoshima). A better option for this would be to consider a JR West pass if you don't have a normal JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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