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kansai regional family pass

Kansai Regional family Pass

I noticed in questions that there is a JR Kansai Regional Family pass. I'm planning a 7 days trip to Osaka, Kyoto and surround area soon. Below are my question:-

  1. What is the validity for this Kansai Regional Pass?
  2. How many family member can use this Regional Pass?
  3. Can this pass use on Private Line?
  4. Can this Family pass use to travel from Kansai Airport to Kyoto? and
  5. What is the cost (USD) for this Kansai family Pass
  6. Is there a 1 day JR pass?




Hi Again!

1.) There are a couple of Kansai Area Passes you can consider. I would refer to this website for all the available option, coverage area and prices.

2.) Everyone if your family can use a pass but you have to buy one for each person.

3.) The passes are only valid on JR Lines within the Kansai / JR West area.

4.) Yes both passes allow you to travel from Kansai Airport - Kyoto on the Haruka Express, which makes for a very smooth ride.

5.) You can find the prices in Yen on the above linked page, for the latest exchange rate see XE. Currently 1000Yen is about 10 USD.

6.) There is a one day Kansai Pass for 2,000Yen but no one day JR National Pass.

I hope this answers your questions.

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