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kansai + naoshima travel

Kansai + Naoshima Travel


I am planning my vacation to Japan in late October (24 Oct to 01 Nov).
I would love to have some advice on which JR pass should I purchase, or should I not.

During my stay there, I will be landing and departing from Osaka KIX airport.
I am planning to visit the following places: Kyoto, Nara (day trip), Koya-san (1 night), Minoo Koen (day trip), Naoshima (day trip) and Osaka.
Will a JR Kansai Wide Area Pass be useful for my travel?

Thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely,
Aaron :)


Hi Aaron,

While most of your travel is relatively close together and mostly within the Kansai Area. A Kansai Wide pass can be useful if used for travel to Naoshima and back to Kansai, especially if you can include the airport.

All looks good for the rest,

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