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kansai kyushu with 7 day jr pass

Kansai Kyushu with 7 day JR pass

Hi, I have a plan as follow:
7/28: from shinosaka- hakata by Shinkansen
7/29 from hakata - yufuin by yufuin no mori
8/2. Kumamoto - hachiyoshi ( return) by SL Hirotoshi

       Kumamoto- Kyoto by Shinkansen 

I have a few questions
1/ using the Shinkansen, I cannot take the Mutsuho train, will it be a lot of time difference if I take Sakura? as I'm planning to take late train to save day light on sightseeing.
2/ for the limited edition train, it's open to book online 3mths in advance, but with jr pass I cannot use that online service, since it's summer holiday I do not think I can book any seats on my arrival to Japan ( I have party of 8 people)

for the above issue, should I still get a JR 7 day pass?

thank you very much for your advice

lily c
lily c

Hi there,

1.) The difference between the Mizuhou and Sakura is minimal. The trains are the same, the route is the same, its only that the Sakura stops at more stations.

2.) Trains rarely sell out, It would be fine if you reserve your tickets once you are in Japan with the JR Pass. Though I do suggest doing so 1-2 days in advance because of your travel party size.

Hope this helps,

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