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kansai area pass

Kansai Area Pass

Hi. i will go to osaka next month. i'm planning using Kansai area pass one day JPY2200. From my research, this pass can go to Otsu-Hikone-Nagahama. But i cant see this route on when i ask from expert, they said this pass will go there but not state in route map. its correct?
So, if correct please help me how to go there from osaka esp osaka - hikone using this pass so i no need to add any charges. Mostly, i check i must go to kyoto first before go to hikone. Any direct JR from osaka to hikone (using kansai area pass)?tq


Hi there,

Looking at the coverage map from the Kansai Area Pass, Hikone is included in the coverage area (its between Kusatsu and Nagahama). The map on the JR West website you liked also shows the route how to get there.

As you can see the train coming from Osaka always passes trough Kyoto, some may continue to Hikone while for some you may make a transfer at Kyoto. It depends on what time of day you travel.

Hope this helps,

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