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kansai airport - kyoto - tokyo with daytrips

Kansai Airport - Kyoto - Tokyo with daytrips


first of all I want to thank you for this great service, I hope you can help me as well!

First trip ever in Japan, me and my boyfriend will stay 2 weeks from March 25th to April 8th.

We will arrive in Kansai Airport on 25th, then we will move to our hotel in Kyoto (Eco and Tec, in Higashiyama-ku) . We will stay in Kyoto for one week. We will surely do a daytrip to Osaka, and one to Nara as well.
On April 1st we will move to Tokyo, our hotel will be in Shinjuku (Citadines Shinjuku). We will spend the remaining week in Tokyo, exploring as much as we can, and leave for home on April 8th.

Knowing this rough route, can you help me understanding if a JR pass would be convenient for me and my boyfriend? Or should we stick to normal tickets? I was also thinking to do the SUICA card once in Tokyo, is it a convenient choice?
I also ask your help in suggesting the best way to get from Kansai Airport to our hotel in Kyoto, and then from this hotel to the one in Shinjuku!

Thank you very much!


Hi there,

I think for a first time this is a very nice itinerary you will have a nice amount of time to explore the Kansai and Tokyo area without having to hurry.

If I understand you correctly you will fly back home from Tokyo right? If this is the case then the JR-Pass may not be the most economic option. You could stick with a single Shinkansen ticket or take a night bus if you want to save some money.

For your trip from Kansai Airport to Kyoto I would recommend [this ticket( The ICOCA pass you get with it is now also usable in the Suica Area (Tokyo) which is indeed very convenient.

To get to your Hotel take the Haruka express from Kansai Airport to Kyoto station, when you arrive head down to the metro and take the Tozai line to Higashiyama. The Hotel should be very close from here, alternatively you could take a taxi from the station, Higashiyama is not far away and during the day I don't think the fare will be much more than 1,000Yen.

For the Hotel in Tokyo:
Take the Shinkansen to Tokyo station from here transfer to the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and get out at SHINJUKU-GYOEMMAE from exit 2 it should only be a couple of minutes walk. Also see the Hotel Access page.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel,

yes you understood correctly, we will go back home from Narita Airport!
Thank you for the suggestion, I didn't know about this ICOCA & HARUKA ticket! I think it will be perfect for us, especially if the ICOCA pass can be used in Tokyo as well, that's great!

Thank you very much for the itineraries to the hotels as well, that will be so helpful for us!


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