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jrpass yes or no

Jrpass yes or no

Hi there

We (2people) will be in Japan for a couple of days. Is a 7 day jrpass worthwhile for us? Our trip is as follow:

11th: arriving at osaka (KIX)
11-13th: staying in osaka and surroundings
13th: osaka-himeji-kyoto
13-16th: kyoto and surrounding
16th: kyoto-osaka (might be we are going kyoto-nara-osaka)
17th: osaka-kobe-osaka
18th: osaka-hiroshima
19th hiroshima-miyajima - hiroshima

20th flying to okinawa.....

Do you think a 7day jrpass should work out for us? I was thinking to take it from 12-18th (because to miyajima is it by boat right??)

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi there,

Its an interesting itinerary and I checked the total travel cost using our farecalculator and it will be cheaper to buy normal tickets for this route.

The Ferry to Miyajima is covered by the JR Pass if you have one.

Hope this helps,

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