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jrpass and temporary visitor status

JRPass and temporary visitor status

Hi, I just wanted to clarify something.
I've seen on a couple of sites that you're only eligible for 'temporary visitor' status if you're in japan for 15 to 90 days.
Is this true? or is it just supposed to be anything up to 90 days?
If it is true am I ineligible if i'm in Japan for only 14 days?


Hi there,

The temporary visitor status (required for the JR Pass) is the standard stamp that all visitors arriving to Japan receive unless they are in the country for long term study or business.

This temporary visitor status stamp allows you to stay in Japan for 0-90 days. If you are staying in Japan for 14 days you will receive the temporary visitor status stamp with a limit of 90 days and will be eligible for the Japan Rail Pass.

Hope this helps!

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