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jrp daily travel

jrp daily travel

I am reaching Tokyo on 26.9.14. i will stay in my sons house in Tokyo I will spend 4or 5days in Tokyo.

I want to buy 14 day JR Pass.

Can I travel daily from Tokyo in the morning with the JR Pass to Osaka, koyoto,kakone Hiroshima, Nara, kanagawa,

Miyajima, Nikko etc and return back to Tokyo by night.

Is this a good idea or please suggest a better alternate with less spending on hotel stay.



Hi Rama,

In many cases you can make day trips from Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone and Kanagawa all make for good day trips. You can even visit Kyoto or Osaka as a day trip. However it would be better to stay there, as it takes about 3H to get from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka. Hiroshima and Miyajima are even further away so staying a night there is something I would certainly recommend.

You would be makeing great use of the JR Pass by visiting the above places.

Hope this helps!

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