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jrp - tokio naoshima (setoushi art festival)

JRP - Tokio Naoshima (Setoushi art Festival)

Hello, Im going to Japan for the First time in October this year, only for 10 days..

Im going to the Setoushi Art Festival in Naoshima and islands..
And of course to TOKIO.

My travel plans are like this:

06 -Oct //

14:10 - Arrive at NARITA International Airport
16:00 ?? - Leave to Naoshima.. via OKAYAMA - UNO - Ferry to NAOSHIMA (APROX 6 HRS TRAVEL?..)

  1. 08 -Oct // NAOSHIMA

09 -Oct //

         -Travel Naoshima - Tokio

10 to 15 Oct// TOKIO

16 Oct //

         - Travel back home.

(My original plan was to stay in Tokio first and then go to Naoshima.. but someone from the hotel in Naoshima recomended my to try to avoid the weekend there because of the art festival and because it is a holiday weekend in japan.... It will get very crowded he said..)

My concerns are:

  • Whether Im going to make it to Naoshima the first day I arrive in Narita at 14:10. (because of delays and timings at the airport)

  • Is it really worth it for my the JRP? Because I´m only using it to go back and forth to Naoshima.

  • Would I be needing the JRP once I´m in Tokio for the rest of my journey?

Thank you very much for your reply!!

Best !



Hi Alvaro,

I do think that a JR Pass would benifit your travel, here's why;

Narita Airport - Uno ¥ 18,860
Uno - Tokyo ¥ 16,670

This adds up to ¥ 35,530 saving you already 7,230 with just the return to Tokyo, as the 7 day JR Pass is 28,300Yen. Of course you can also take the train to any other place if the fancy takes you and use it for local JR lines in Tokyo.

The journey to Uno from Narita Airport takes about 432 Minutes (excluding the ferry), which is a relative long period to travel, especially if you just arrived with your flight. It is possible to travel all the way to Uno on your day of arrival because train connections are available up to 15:44, this would mean that you arrive in Uno around 23:00 and don't know if the ferry departs at this hour. Instead I would suggest traveling to Okayama and on the Uno the next morning.

I believe this covers all of your questions, let me know if I can help with anything else.

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