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jr train timetable and shinsaken hikari

JR train timetable and Shinsaken Hikari


May I ask what time do usually JR train start in the morning and last trip during the evening particularly in osaka - kyoto -osaka, osaka - hiroshima - osaka, and around osaka?

Is Shinsaken Hikari do use the same railway with nozomi? Or I have to transfer to another station to have Hikari?
what time is the earliest time in the morning that the shinsaken Hikari depart from shin osaka?

Hope you could help me.

Thank you


Hi there,

You can find the Tokaido Shinkansen time table via:

The Hikari travels the same route as the Nozomi but makes a couple more stops on the way. Also it generally operates between Tokyo - Okayama, while the Nozomi goes as far as Hakata. To travel beyond Okayama, you can transfer to the Sakura Shinkansen.

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