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jr tokyo wide pass- lines?

JR Tokyo Wide pass- lines?

Just wondering if anyone could confirm if the Tokyo Wide pass covers the Yamanote sen (and other various 'JR East Lines' in the metro area)?

I realize it lists 'JR East lines' on the valid routes but trying to determine exactly what lines make up 'JR East Lines'

It seems like it would/should but on the website ( on the map near the bottom it does not specifically show all the Yamanote stops, let alone all the other lines- but I mainly care about the Yamanote. I figure this is just due to the fact that the map is not completely detailed but wanted to confirm.

I am contemplating making Shibuya or Shinjuku my 'home base' and making some day trips out to Mt. Fuji, Hakone, etc but also wanted to see if this pass would cover some shorter trips around the Tokyo metro area? Can I basically use it like I would the the full JR Pass (in Tokyo)? (When I go to Japan I usually travel at least between Osaka and Tokyo by shinkansen with the full JR pass but this time I am just staying in Tokyo)

I will probably get one regardless as the day trips will make it worth while but if its valid for all the lines in the area it will definitely be an added bonus and help me better determine my 'in-country travel costs'.



Hi there,

Yes, the Yamanote line is included. As well as all other JR lines within Tokyo.

Its a short answer but I think it covers your question.

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