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jr pass with this itinerary

JR Pass with this Itinerary

I'm planning on purchasing a 14 day JR Pass for my planned itinerary as follows:

Arrival Kansai International Airport at 0900 on 2/4/2016

2 April get a train to Osaka Station

2-4 April Osaka staying at the Drop Inn Centre, Osaka

4-7 April Kyoto staying at either Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto or Guesthouse Engawa pending wheelchair accessibility

7-8 April Kanazawa staying at Kanazawa Manten Hotel

8-10 April Takayama staying at the Country Hotel Takayama

10-11 April Matsumoto staying at the Richmond Hotel Matsumoto

11-12 April Lake Kawaguchiko staying at Hotel Route Inn Kawaguchiko

12-16 April Tokyo - accommodation yet to be booked in Shinjuku area

16 April depart Japan

I would appreciate any assistance in how I should go about using the 14 day JR Pass and do I need to purchase any other passes to cover this itinerary such as the Hakone Free Pass.




Hi Anne,

The JR Pass covers travel between all the cities you plan to visit, as you already know part of the way to Kawaguchiko is not included and I don't see any other pass you would need.

However coming back to the JR Pass, you may also want to consider buying normal tickets for your itinerary as the total cost of train tickets on the route that you will travel is below that of the price of a 14 day JR Pass. However I see from your other posts that you also plan on making other visits, to Hiroshima, Nara and so on, this does add a lot more travel costs and a 14 day JR Pass can quickly become worth it this way.

If you do have a JR Pass, then it is generally enough to come 20min before train departure to the station, reserve your seat and get on the train. I would take a bit more time with a wheelchair, maybe around 30-35min but it works the same. It is also possible to reserve seats a day or so in advance.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for the feedback. So I would not need to purchase the Hakone Free Pass and just pay for the sector not included in the JR Pass. Have I understood correctly.


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