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jr pass valid for kyoto subway?

JR Pass valid for Kyoto Subway?

HI. I'll like to ask if the JR Pass is valid for Kyoto Subway (Karasuma Line and Tozai Line).

Here's my itinerary for Kyoto

Day1 (I'll ony arrive at Kyoto at about 1pm)
Nijo Castle

Philosopher's Path
Fushimi Inari Shrine

Monkey Park
Togetsukyo Bridge
Bamboo Groves
Saga-Toriimoto Street
Otagi Nenbutsuji

Day4 (Only half day before I move on to Nara)
Kyoto Station
Porta Underground

Shopping Mall

Kyoto Tower
Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcade

Nishiki Market*

If not what do you recommend I do?
Should I get a Kyoto Sightseeing Pass? Will it be worth it?
If so, then should I get a 1 or 2 day pass?
Because I'm heading up to Arashiyama area on Day3 so will I be able to utitise it or not?

By the way my hotel is near Shijo station.


Hi There!

That looks like a really nice and well researched trip!
Unfortunately you can't use the JRPass in Kyoto for Local transport (Bus, Metro etc).
The Kyoto Sightseeing pass offers really good value for you, as you can use it for both the Subway and Bus and also gives you small discounts on local attractions. So I would recommend that you get the 2-day pass for day 2 and 3.
In Kyoto I think the best way to get around is by bus but for your last day you could consider an all day Metro ticket only, they are 600 Yen and can be bought at any ticket machine.
Also if the weather is nice consider renting a bicycle, Kyoto is not that big and it's easy to get around by bicycle. I have found some really amazing places there just by cycling around.

Here's a website that gives a good overview of how to get around in Kyoto

Good luck with you trip!

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Just want to double check, both the Kyoto Sightseeing Pass and the all day Metro ticket you mention can be bought at any train station at Kyoto right? So there's no need to pre-order the ticket like the JR pass right?


You can buy the Metro all day pass at any metro station in and around Kyoto. As for the Kyoto Sightseeing Pass you can buy them at any Tourist Information Centre. There is no need to make any pre-order or reservation for them.

Also, if at any point something is not clear or you require help with something the Tourist Information Centre in Kyoto station is very friendly and helpful. You can buy the pass there as well!

Hope it helps!

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Hi Dan,

Thanks. Last question before I leave for India.

I am leaving from Kyoto today. Will be taking the bullet train back to Tokyo. I will be staying at APA Hotel Ginza-Takaracho. Can you please let me know, how to get about there from Tokyo station.

Also, where can I buy stuff from Tokyo - souvenirs, Japanese Kit Kat, cool gadgets? my last few hours in Japan.

Thank you so much for your help.



Hi there,

Ginza is close to Tokyo station. You could walk from Tokyo station, although it will be faster to use the JR Yamanote line to Yukarucho station and walk 5min from there to Ginza.

Airports have tons of stuff like this, so you can just buy it there. Alternatively Akihabara is great for last minute shopping lots of gadgets and there are tourist shops around as well.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much :-)


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