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jr pass type for kyoto/osaka and gala yuzawa

JR pass type for kyoto/osaka and gala yuzawa

Dear Sir/madam
we are a group of 5 docs visiting japan for coference from 30 march to april 6th
pls advise
1. what is the best pass option for plan to visit kyoto/osaka and gala yuzawa?
2. in my previous query i had asked using kanto pass with gala option, here if we use some other pass, say JR pass with 7 day validity, what would be the additional cost incurred for gala?
3. is there any other snow ski resort which can be covered near tokyo with the JR pass

your reply would help us decide



Hi there!

1.) This would depend where you are coming from, for instance a JR Pass would be of great use if you come from Tokyo and make a return from Tokyo/Osaka.

2.) Travel to Gala Yuzawa is completely covered in the JR Pass. There's no extra cost at all!

3.) Gala Yuzawa is included, we even have a special blog post about it:

Hope this helps!

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Dear Daniel

Thanks for being quick in replying

Based on your reply, pls advise regarding following itinerary, we have booked our stay at hotel Mitsui Garden shiodome italia-gai, with closest station being hamamatsucho , the conference is at tokyo international forum

  1. Go to Tokyo station on march 31st and activate the JR pass and also reserve seats in bullet trains for following excursions and narita express to return to airport on 6th
    Can seats in bullet train be booked on 31 march for same day and April 1 (Kyoto), April 2 (atami) and April 5 ( gala)?
    Does it cost extra for booking seats in ordinary cars with ordinary JR pass

  2. Plan hakone fuji on march 31st
    Can we reach odawara by JR pass?
    If we reach odawara then can we use hakone pass for 3900 yen ?

  3. Kyoto visit on april 1st and return to tokyo
    What time should we leave so as to cover Kyoto?
    Is there any sightseeing bus service which can be available at station, what will be the fare for same?

  4. Atami visit on April 2nd
    What time frame is required for same?
    I guess yu yu bus is a good option, is there any other better option?

  5. April 3rd and 4th conference and sightseeing of Tokyo
    Please guide as to what are a must to be seen in tokyo?
    Can we use only JR pass for this or we need some other travel tickets?

  6. On 5th april plan for gala yuzawa resort
    Do we need to pay the entrance pass fee of 4500 yen in additional to gear rent or it is covered in JR pass ?
    As I remember it was I covered in JR kanto pass?

  7. Is the itinerary too exhaustive?

8 if we order the JR pass on your website,
How much time is required to get it delivered at
16, indraprasth colony,
Vaishali nagar
Pin code- 302021
We leave this address on March 28th

  1. Can we utilise JR pass for travel to conference venue tokyo international forum with nearest station being yourakucho?

Waiting for your response


Hi again!

1.) It is possible to book all your tickets at the moment when you activate your JR Pass. Please bring a printed list with the dates and routes you wish to travel on, this will make the process to lot quicker and the JR Staff will be thankful as well!

2.) Yes you can ride the Bullet train to Odawara station with the JR Pass and buy a 3900yen Hakone pass at Odawara station.

3.) I am not aware of a sightseeing bus service, however there could be one. You could also consider using a Taxi to travel around Kyoto, prices are not too high, especially when you split it among your travel party. I would recommend traveling as early as possible to make the most of your day in Kyoto.

4.) The same applies for Atami, you can use the Shinkansen and JR Pass to travel there.

5.) You can use the JR Pass for local travel around Tokyo as well. I would recommend a visit to Tokyo station, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Omotesando, Shinbuya, Ginza, Ueno and Asakusa.

6.) You will have to pay all fees related to the Ski resort. Including entrance and rental fees.

7.) It looks like a good plan and you would be making great use of the JR Pass. However I would consider spending a night or two in Kyoto as the city has a lot to offer.

Currently shipping to India takes 4 working days which should be more than enough to get the pass to you. You can find all the details HERE.

Lastly the JR Pass can also be used for travel to Yurakucho and you can walk from there to the conference center.

Hope this helps!

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