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jr pass (tokyo-osaka)

JR Pass (Tokyo-Osaka)


I'm going to travel to Japan this year, starting from December 26th to January 6th. I will first arrive in Tokyo, and will be moving to Osaka in January 2nd. And then go back to my country in January 6th. Let's say my route is Tokyo - Osaka - home.
I'm still confused whether I should buy the JR Pass or not. Because some say that JR Pass will save me a lot of money. But after I calculated the price myself, I think buying JR Pass will be more expensive. Please notice that I'm really short on money, I need to spend money wisely (I'm going on a vacation, not business trip).

JR Pass (7 days) = 29.100 Yen
Nozomi Shinkansen (Tokyo to Osaka) = +- 14.500 Yen
Let's say if I'm going to buy JR Pass I have 29.100-14.500 = 14.600 Yen left (to travel inside Tokyo and inside Osaka)
As I said before, using JR Pass will cost more.

Any suggestion?

Thank you so much.

Jessica Angeline
Jessica Angeline

Hello there,

Your calculations are on point. A JR Pass is a good option if you make at least a return Tokyo - Osaka. However if you only travel 1 way, then it is generally cheaper to buy normal tickets if you stay local after.

That said, a JR Pass can still be a good option if you wish to make some day trips, add in a visit to Hiroshima and you are already making savings.

Hope this helps,

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