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jr pass that suitable for itinerary

JR pass that suitable for itinerary


My husband and I are going to Japan for 6 days in end of March with the itinerary as following:

Mar 27: Narita International Airport - Asakusa - Shibuya/Shinjuku - Odaiba - Asakusa Mar 28: Asakusa - Nikko (Edo wonderland) - Asakusa Mar 29: Asakusa - Shinjuku - Hakone - Gotemba Mar 30 : Gotemba - Kyoto (surrounding) Mar 31: Kyoto - Tokyo Apr 01: Narita International Airport

What kind of Japan Rail Pass would be suitable for this itinerary?

Thank you in advance



A full 7 day JR Pass would be economical. You can start using it from Narita, as well as the JR Yamanote Line inside Tokyo - it goes to many of the most popular places. I presume you are staying in Asakusa since you keep mentioning it. The most popular site in the area is the Sensoji Temple:

The Sky Tree is also very nice - very pricey, but best view anywhere when the weather is clear. The best time to go up is just before sunset, and watch the day turn to night. It is a popular time though and may be more crowded then (you can buy the tickets anytime and designate the time you want to go up though - buy them when there is less of a line).

For Hakone, you might look into a Hakone Free Pass:

If you can and are interested, in Tokyo try to see Harajuku and Meiji Shrine on a Sunday (Mar. 29) to see the wild youth fashions and popular shrine.

For Kyoto, do your best to squeeze in at least half a day to see Nara - the Great Buddha at Todaiji Temple is like the Taj Mahal of Japan.

For more info, you might look at:

For Kyoto:

For Hakone:



Thanks for the detailed info. This definitely helps for me to decide to get the 7 days JR pass.



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