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jr pass questions

JR pass questions


I have a few questions for the JR pass.

1) If we buy the regular adult JR pass and certain routes we would like to ride the first class cabin such as the Haruka express, is it possible to pay the upgrade and if so how much? For example from Kansai airport to Kyoto via the Haruka?

2) If we buy the first class JR pass, is it required to go to the ticket counter to reserve seats every time or we can just hop on to the first class cabin?

3) Is the JR pass good for the Hakone Freepass to ride the various cruise or cable car?

4) Is the JR pass good for the Odakyu railway line 'romancecar'?

Many thanks,


Hi there,

In General the JR Pass covers all JR lines nationwide. Other transport is not included.

1.) You have to pay the full limited express fare and Green Class fare when upgrading. Please purchase a JR Green Class pass if you wish to travel Green Class a lot. This will give you much better value.

2.) Yes all Green Class tickets are reserved seats. This means you have to make seat reservations in advance.

3.) The Hakone Free Pass is a separate pass from the JR Pass and is recommended if you plan to explore the Hakone region. The Hakone Free Pass covers most the the transport within the Hakone Area.

4.) No, the Odakyu line is not covered by the JR Pass. You also have to pay the limited express fare if you have a Hakone Free pass,

Hope this helps,

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