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JR Pass Question

I am interested in getting the JR Pass to travel within Japan. I will be starting in Narita. I was wondering if I get the 7 day JR pass, can I do the exchange when I arrive even though I won't be using the JR pass until Day 4 of my trip? In this case, should I make reservations already when I do the exchange?

In addition, because I won't be activating my JR Pass until day 4, should I get the Suica + N'ex package at the same JR office to obtain the round trip on N'ex? Does the Suica work in all the subways in cities like tokyo, yokohama, Osaka, and Kyoto?


Hi there,

You can activate your JR Pass right away at arrival and select a later day of use - up to 30 days ahead. This is extremely useful if you want to make seat reservations in advance, as the JR Pass allows you to do so the moment that you have exchanged it.

Once you activate it, it is possible to buy the Suica + N'EX right away, which would be very useful. It does indeed work in all subway systems nation wide as well as most other kinds of transport, even taxi's accept them nowadays.

As for making seat reservations, it is possible but not requires, unless you travel on national holidays.

I hope this helps!

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