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jr pass query

JR Pass query


My Aunt and cousin brother (temporary visitor) are planning to visit Japan for 1 month from India. I had some queries and would be happy if could answer them.
1) Can I purchase JR pass from JR (online) in Japan or do i need to purchase it in India ?
2) I plan to take 7day or 14 day JR pass, but the travel itinerary is not decided so far. Is it possible to activate the JR pass starting date from Tokyo ? And from where in Tokyo ?
3) My Aunt & cousin brother plan to travel to Kyoto/Hiroshima/Nikko/Hakone from Tokyo on their own. 7 or 14 days JR pass would be suitable ?


Hi there!

1.) Due to new regulations from the JR you will have to purchase the JR-Pass out of Japan, meaning at the time of the order you have to be outside Japan. We can however ship the pass to Japan if you wish.

2.) You can activate the JR-Pass nation wide at most of the bigger train stations, here is a list of stations where you can exchange the pass. Alternatively you can exchange the pass at the Airport and set the first day of use on a later date.

3.) You visit the places in itinerary in a week but it may be a little bit of a rushed trip, I would recommend the 14-Day JR Pass if you have to time so they can enjoy traveling in Japan at leisure.

Hope this helps,

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