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jr pass or single tickets.

JR pass or single tickets.


We are visiting Japan for the first time. This is our itinerary:

July 14: Arrive to Narita International Airport. Go to Tokyo.
July 15: Tokyo.
July 16: Tokyo.
July 17: From Tokyo to Nagano.
July 18: From Nagano to Jigokudani Yaen-koen and then to Kyoto.
July 19: Kyoto.
July 20: From Kyoto to Mount Koya.
July 21: From Mount Koya to Tokyo.
July 22: From Tokyo to Narita International Airport (off to the Philippines).

July 25: (return from Philippines) Arrive to Narita International airport. Stay the night in Tokyo.
July 26: From Tokyo to Narita International Aiport.

-Would you recommend buying the JRP for this kind of trip? -Can you use the JRP for the metro, within Tokyo.

Thanks in advance,

Marcela and Rafael


Hello there,

You can make good savings over normal tickets by using the 7 day JR Pass from Tokyo - Nagano - Kyoto - Tokyo (and Narita Airport).

The Metro within Tokyo is not included, however you can use the JR network within Tokyo. This is very extensive and can be used to reach most of the city.

Also good to know is that you can't use the JR Pass all the way to Jigokudani. Use the Shinkansen from Tokyo - Nagano. From there you will have to use the local Nagano Eletric railway to Yudanaka and from there a bus to Jigokudani. Alternatively buses also depart directly from Nagano.

Hope this helps,

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