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jr pass needed?

JR Pass needed?

Here is my planned itineary.

Day 1-7 Tokyo
Day 8 Tokyo to Yokohama (stop for 8hrs). Then travel to Nagoya.[one night in Nagoya]
Day 9 Nagoya(explore for the day) Then travel to Kyoto. [one night in Kyoto]
Day 10 Kyoto
Day 11 Explore Kyoto then travel to Osaka [11-14 in osaka]
Day 12 Osaka
Day 13 Osaka
Day 14 Osaka to Kansai airport.

I was just wondering, in my situation, should i get a 7day JR pass for Day 8-14?

Would it be more worth it, since i am travelling between cities.

Does JR passes work in cities, such as in travelling within them for cities like nagoya, kyoto and osaka?

Should i stay in Osaka the whole time and day-return travel to Nagoya/Kyoto?

Thank You.


Hi there!

I think the best way to go here, is to buy normal tickets as you travel. Travel between Kyoto and Osaka is very cheap because both cities are very close (it only takes 540yen for one way Kyoto - Osaka). Travel between Tokyo - Nagoya and Nagoya - Kyoto is a little more expansive but not so that it would warrant the purchase of a JR Pass.

For reference, the JR Pass does cover local JR lines in both Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, other transport methods such as the subway are not included.

Lastly I would not return to Nagoya once you arrive in Osaka/Kyoto as travel there by Shinkansen takes about 5,000 yen.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for you reply! You are really quick.

There has been a change to our plans. If we wanted to go to Nara and Kobe, from which city is the closest to travel from - osaka or kyoto?

If we make these additional trips, is it beneficial to purchase JR tickets?

Thank You again.


Hi Again!

Nara is pretty close to both Osaka and Kyoto and can be reached within an hour from either city. So it would not matter, however Kobe is closer to Osaka (you actually travel via Osaka if you come from Kyoto) so you may want to consider staying around Osaka if you wish to see Kobe too!

Travel to Nara is also not very expancive, 500-700yen/one way so I still would recommend normal tickets!

Glad to be of help :)

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