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jr pass match 13 days itinerary

JR Pass match 13 days itinerary

Hi, I planned a 13 days trip to Central of Japan, would like to check most economical transport if JR Pass cover most of it:
13/4 - Takayama
14/4 - Okuhida
15/4 - Shirakawa-go, stay at Ainokura
16/4 - Toyama
17/4 - Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, stay at Tateyama hotel
18/4 - Kiso valley
19/4 - 21/4 - Kyoto
21/4 - 25/4 - Tokyo with day trip to Mt Fujitsu, Hakone & Disney

What type of pass should I purchase as I already bought a 7 days JR Pass earlier, thinking I can get the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route ticket for round trip excursion that combines tickets for JR trains and different forms of transport on the alpine route, but later found that the ticket is no longer available.

What will be the next available option for me, thanks in advance for advice.


Hello there,

Since you already have a 7 day JR Pass, I think it would be best to plan for using it.

What I am wondering is where you will be coming from when visiting Takayama.

For now you would use the JR Pass best by using it from 18/4. You could then cover travel to Kiso, Kyoto and Tokyo and also use the JR Pass for a day trip or two from Tokyo.

You could use the following ticket for travel to Shirakawago and such.

Hope this helps,

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Well, you've already bought the JR Pass, so ride it as much as you can. For the other places, there are special regional passes you can also use:

For Tateyama:

For Hakone:

For the Fuji 5 Lakes:


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