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jr pass lines - tokyo-kanagawa-kyoto

JR PASS LINES - Tokyo-Kanagawa-Kyoto


It will be our first time in Japan this coming (late) March-April and my big confusion is the lines covered by the

Our itinerary will be;

             3-nights in TOKYO
             1-day in Great Buddha of Kamakura
             3-nights in KYOTO

Then we will go back near NARITA airport on the 8th day.

Is this itinerary will possible for 7-DAY JR PASS from TOKYO to KAMAKURA (side trip to Great Buddha of Kamakura) to KYOTO?

Lastly, what are the train lines covered by JR PASS in TOKYO and KYOTO?

Thank you in advance.


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all these places and you can make nice savings compared to buying normal tickets.

We have some very useful map resources, for navigating Japan: (You'll also find the local lines with this map)

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response.
Another question. Is Keisei Skyliner covered by JR pass?
Because I just downloaded the JR Trains App and this is one of the option from Narita Airport to Minami-senju station.

Thanks in advance.


Hi again!

I am afraid not, the Keisei liner is run by an other company and not included in the JR Pass.

You can use the JR Joban line from Ueno to Minami-senju with the JR Pass.

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