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jr pass inquiry

JR Pass inquiry

first time to travel in Japan with my hubby & 2 kids...Just want to ask the following:

1) Is my 3 yr old kid still free when using a JR pass?

2) Be travelling from Kansai to Osaka & back forth
....then plans to go to Universal Studious / Shirakawa go / Tokyo / Hiroshima....are those areas accessible by JR Pass with no extra cost?

Are those places accesible by bullet train accredited by JR Pass? (for faster travel)

3) if we will have the ordinary JR Pass, does it still needs to have advance reservation before we ride there?

4) Are there different types of JR Pass aside from ordinary & with reserved seating?


Hi there,

1.) Yes, children below the age of 6 travel for free. Some regulations do apply though, be sure to read the details HERE.

2.) All area's except for Shirakawa-go are covered. This is because the last part to by non JR Bus. Shin-Osaka, Tokyo and Hiroshima all have Shinkansen stations.

3.) You don't have to make reservations but I would do so for convenience sake. Here's how to make reservations.

4.) There's also Green Class, this is the equivalent of 1st Class in other countries.

Hope this answers your questions!

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1) 0-5years old child with his/her parent is for free, but if the child occupy one seat,
the child needs to pay train fare.
2) Kansai to Universal Studious / Tokyo / Hiroshima 
you can go by JR pass with no extra cost. but you must take a bus for Shirakawa go.
After you get off bullet train ,you must change a train or a bus
From Osaka to Shirakawago ,you must take express train ( there's no bullet train)
From Nagoya to Shirakawago ,you can choose express train or bus.
Refer the following site. 3)JR pass includes reservation fee. Generally, we can find our seat,
except during long national holidays.

Please check in detail the conditions of the pass.
Good luck!!


thank you so much for your will really help us on our travel....just one last question the Hachiko monument near the Tokyo Shinkansen station?


Hi again!

Hachiko is near Shibuya station. You can get there using the local Yamanote line in Tokyo from either Tokyo or Shinagawa Shinkansen stations.

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sorry Daniel, one more question the JR Pass worth it based on my itenerary? since I want to travel to Tokyo faster from Osaka.


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