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jr pass for japanese passports but not residing in japan

JR pass for japanese passports but not residing in Japan

Hi daniel,

Thank you for responding to my earlier inquiry. I have another question. I have a friend who holds a japanese passport but his residence is in the philippines. Is he eligable for a jr pass as well? If we buy one here in manila and its not honored there is it refundable?

Thank you very much!



Hi Kristina,

Japanese passport holders can use the JR Pass, if they can proof that they live outside of Japan permanently.

This can be proof of residence such as a tax return of utility bill. We recommend bringing at least 2 different kinds of documents. This because a JR Pass will not be issued if the JR Staff can't verify that the Japanese passport holder is indeed living outside of Japan.

JR Vouchers can be refunded if not used but a refund fee applies.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much Daniel. You are such a big help. God bless you =)


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