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jr pass for japanese natives

JR Pass for Japanese natives

In the future, if we me and my husband will go to Japan,we can buy JRPASS in here on-line (England) and we can use ,when we get to Japan.I have very close friends in Japan,who live in Japan,so when we go travelling all over Japan,we want to buy the JRPASS for them.Can it be possible for the people who live in Japan to buy JRPASS and use? If so, can we buy JRPASS for them from here or in Japan or if not what about for them to travel all Japan with us?


Hi there,

I'm afraid Japanese who are residents of Japan are unable to use the Japan Rail Pass. There are discount tickets available for Japanese residents depending if they book in advance and so on, however there is no simple option that grants free travel across the country with the same flexibility of the Japan Rail Pass.

If you let me know your rough itinerary, I may be able to offer some options?

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