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jr pass for disney and suzuka circuit?

JR Pass for Disney and Suzuka circuit?

My wife and I are visiting our neice in Tokyo (Urayasu), as she is currently working there for Disney.
We plan to fly to Narita airport in late Sept, and have booked a hotel in Urayasu for 2wks.
I would like to know if the JR pass is usable for transport from the airport to Urayasu, and also if it is of any use to get to the Disney park?
If we were to purchase a pass, we would probably only get the 7 day pass, as we would initially spend time locally for the first week.
I was also considering seeing the F1 race at Suzuka on the 7th Oct, but was put off by the high price of transportation from Tokyo (and back). I was told the pass maybe worth buying just for Suzuka itself, considering the standard fares.
If I was to buy a JR pass, could I also purchase a pass for our niece too? (even though she currently resides in Tokyo?) She would join us to Suzuka.
I really don't know if the pass is still worth purchasing, even if we don't visit Suzuka, but just visit Disney for a few days, go in to Tokyo a few times, and visit the surrounding attractions.
Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be appreciated.




Hi Nick,

For Urayasu from Narita the JR Pass will help you get as far as Nishifunabashi. From Nishifunabashi you'd need to transfer to non-JR lines to get you to Urayasu with overall savings of around ¥1000. The JR Pass is also helpful to get you to Maihama station where you can get the Disney shuttle service to the park gates.

That said, to make a 7 day pass cost effective you need to spend over ¥28,300 on JR tickets. if you are planning on staying within the Tokyo metropolitan area, then I think it will be hard to spend that much and so I recommend you look into purchasing standard Metro passes and regular tickets rather than a JR Pass.

However, if you do intend to travel outside Tokyo to Suzuka circuit then the decision is less clear. A return from Tokyo to Suzuka will cost ¥23,640 return in standard tickets. This would mean you would only need to spend a further ¥4660 on JR travel to make purchasing a 7 day JR Pass worthwhile. Whether you do this really depends on your itinerary plans, but a return to Nikko or Hakone (for example) would easily reach this level.

To get to Suzuka circuit from Tokyo you should aim to get to JR Kawarada near the Suzuka circuit (sample itinerary). From Kawarada station you'll need to use the local non-JR Ise Testudo operated line to get to Suzuka Circuit Ino (sometimes written 'SuzukaSakittoIno' (sample itinerary). As this is not covered by the rail pass you will have to pay the standard ticket fare of ¥300 each way. From Suzuka Circuit Ino you can easily walk to the circuit.

Please note that the JR Pass is only valid for holders of the 'temporary visitor' visa (normally issued for up to 90 days). As your niece is working in Japan she will hold a different visa to this and will therefore not be valid for the rail pass.

Hope this helps!

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Many Thanks for the detailed help. Very Useful :)


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