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JR pass for buses


Has anyone got any information on the JR snow liner bus?

On Monday 12 March we are getting the train from Tokyo to Nagano and then the bus from Nagano to Kambayashi Onsen Guchi Bus Stop to see the snow monkeys. Apparently there are two trains - the Nagaden Bus Shiga Kogen Express Bus and the JR Snow Liner. We have a JR pass so would like to use the JR snow liner bus. Can any one help with the timetable and whether we need to reserve the bus?

I'm also thinking of getting the bus back to Nagano to stay there for the night so it would be good to know how late the bus runs...?

The next day (Tuesday 13 March) we plan to get the wide view train from Nagano to Matsumoto, stop off to see Matsumoto castle, then get the Nohi bus from Matsumoto to Takayama. The Nohi bus isn't JR but seems to be the most direct, scenic route.



Hi there,

We've looked all over the web for information on the Snow Liner (in English and Japanese) - there's very little information out there!

We're going to give the JR helpdesk a call in the morning tomorrow to find out more. In the meantime, you could also call them using the JR-East infoline (english).

Hope this helps- we'll let you know when we find out more...

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