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jr pass covers kyoto, osaka, nara and to hakone

JR Pass covers Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and to Hakone

Hi, this is my first time travelling to Japan this coming November from 13th - 27th. I'm not familiar with the JR pass so would like to ask all the expert here to hep me.

I'm planning to buy the 7 days unlimited pass. So wanted to know whether my itinerary works and worth it to buy the JR pass.

Day 1
Arrival Japan

Day 2
Disney Sea

Explore around Tokyo with Suica or Pasmo card

Activate JR pass to Kyoto

Explore Kyoto

Use JR pass to Nara

Day 8
Use JR pass to Osaka

Day 9
Use JR pass to Hakone/Mt Fuji

Day 10
Use JR pass back to Tokyo

Is my itinerary cover all by JR pass??

Appreciate help as I very blur to see all the subways and railways in Japan. Some covered by JR pass some not



Hi there,

Yes, the JR pass is valid for all your destinations. You can use Hikari bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto/ Osaka instead of Nozomi.

I calculated your cost. For your itinerary, 7-day JR pass 29,110 JPY will be cost-effective choice. You can use Suica or Pasmo card first 3 days and activate your pass on Day 4 when you are going to Kyoto.

-Tokyo to Kyoto 13,600 JPY
-Kyoto to Nara 1,130 JPY
-Nara to Osaka 800 JPY
-Osaka to Odawara (the nearest JR station of Hakone) 12,620 JPY
-Odawara to Tokyo 3,740 JPY

I hope this helps,

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Hi Tomomi,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Another question is, I'm staying nearby Shin-Okubo. Which nearest station should i go to depart for the shinkansen to Kyoto. Thanks.


Hi there,

You can take Yamanote line from Shin-Okubo to Shinagawa and change to bullet train to Kyoto there.

I hope this helps,

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