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jr pass cover this line?

JR pass cover this line?


May I ask a question here?

I would like to go from Tokyo to Aomori, then stay in Aomori for one day.
After that, I will go to Lake Toya and stay for two days, then go to Sapporo.

I am planing to buy the national JR pass. Just wondering, will it cover all the trains / shinkansen I'm going to take for my trip?
Also from what I researched, the JR train from Ueno Tokyo to Sapporo is a sleepover one. And the one from Aomori is going to Hakodate.
Is there any train I can use JR Pass that match my trip plan, which is starting in the morning from Tokyo then reach Aomori in the afternoon, starting from Aomori in the morning and then reach Lake Toya is the afternoon?

Thank you for your help and time!!!
I am really confused about the traffic.



Hi Phoebe,

The JR Pass covers the route all the way too Aomori and to Sapporo. You can use the Shinkansen all the way to Shin-Aomori from there ltd. express trains run up into Hakodate.

While there are a very limited amount of sleeper trains, these are not covered by the JR Pass and often fully reserved weeks in advance. Your best bet is to use the trains during the day.

You can also just take a train to Aomori one day, stay the night there and travel on the following morning.

Hope this helps,

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