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jr pass and other suggested passes.

JR Pass and other suggested passes.

We will be staying in Japan from September I 16th to October 1st our departing date, 16 days in total. We will have purchased the 14 days JR Pass. We were thinking of also getting the Kintetsu Rail Pass Wide and All Shikoku Rail Pass.
We are arriving in Osaka and staying in Osaka from 16th-20th.

17th, we want to explore Osaka
18th, go to Koyason
19th, go to Ise, Toba, to see Meoto Iwa, Mikimoto Pearl and Azuchi Momayama Bunka Mura.

We have a hotel in Hiroshima from 20-23rd
20th, Hiroshima
21st, Miyajima
22nd, Iwakuni

23rd and maybe the 24th to Takamatsu, Naruto and Tokushima (Shikoku). Any suggestions as to the passes we would need. We will be leaving early in the morning for each excursion.

24th-Oct 1 with family in Nagoya.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Hi there,

It seems you are already well informed about travel options available, so there is not much I can add.
I think the Kintetsu Railpass is a great option for the places you plan to visit, it also allows for a single trip between the airport and a major city in the area.

For the rest of your itinerary a JR-Pass is very well suited. To save some money you could probably just go for the 7Day Pass and start using it on the day you travel to Hiroshima (20th). The JRPass will also cover all JR-Trains in Shikoku so there is no need to buy anything extra there.
If you are in Shikoku a visit to Matsuyama may be of interest as well. The onsen there is very famous and the shopping arcade looks great too.

Hope this helps!

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