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jr pass and n'ex

JR pass and N'EX


I'd like to ask, if I have bought the JR pass (7-day), then the first day when I arrive Tokyo airport and use the N'EX ONLY, is this date must be the first day to start counting the "7-day"?

Since I will only use N'EX the first day only to Tokyo downtown, I'd like the save the JR Pass for other days travel.



If you choose to use your JR Pass to take the Narita Express, then you have activated it and the clock is running.
Please remember also that the day you activate it for counts as Day One - which starts and ends at midnight. So if you activate it and use at 6 PM, your first "day" is just 6 hours long.
So if you want to start using your JR Pass from another date, that is fine. You can pay the fare for the Narita Express (very pricey), or use an alternative like a Keisei/Metro package or a cheap 1000 yen bus.


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