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We will be arriving 3 April 2015 in Tokyo 23h00 and will be staying in Shinjuku close to the station.

DAY 1 Sightseeing in Tokyo(hop off and on)
DAY 2 Sightseeing in Tokyo
DAY 3 TOKYO daytrip to Nikko
DAY 4 Tokyo and daytrip to Kamakura
DAY 5 Daytrip to Hakone and Mount FUJI
DAY 6 Tokyo to Yudanaka (snow monkeys) and stay there
DAY 7 Travel to Matsumoto and stay overnight
DAY 8 Travel to Takayama and stay overnight
DAY 9 Travel to Kanazawa and stay overnight
DAY 10 Explore Kanazawa and stay overnight
DAY 11 to DAY 14 in KYOTO exploring in and around the city
DAY 15 Daytrip to Nara
DAY 16 KYOTO explore
DAY 17 Check out in Kyoto-leave the luggage at the hotel and Travel to Miyajima and stay overnight
DAY 18 Overnight in Miyajima and explore Hiroshima
DAY 19 Travel back to Kyoto via Kurashiki -Check in Kyoto in Hotel
DAY 20 Travel to Koya San and overnight(left luggage in Kyoto behind at hotel storage)
DAY 21 Travel back to Kyoto and overnight
DAY 22 Travel to Osaka and fly out

Where will I be able to use the JR PASS? I assume I cannot use it in Tokyo and Kyoto cities.
Is my itinerary feasible?


Hello there!

The JR pass is valid for the greater part of your itinerary, including travel in Tokyo and Kyoto on the JR Network. In Tokyo the JR Pass can be used to see most of the city, in Kyoto the JR is somewhat limited and you may have to use other transport as well, such as the bus.

Other places where you may have to use additional transport is around Hakone/Fuji, between Nagano - Yudakana and the last part between Osaka - Koya. For the rest everything is included and the JR Pass would help you make good savings.

For the rest - I think that the above itinerary looks great and certainly works!

Hope this helps!

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