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jr pass and first class pass

JR Pass and First Class Pass

When I try to buy the JR Pass, it ask for date of use? We have not confirm which date that we will start to use. Can we just put an approx. date? Also for Reserved seating, when do I pay for the extra fees for reserved seating? Is it at the exchange office? Finally, is first class pass include the reserved seating? Do I have to pay extra for reserved seating at first class?


One last question, what happen if you miss your train and you have a reserved seating. Can I just go on the next train when I get to the train station and try to get a reserved seating on the next train? Do I have to pay again for reserved seating?


Hi there,

Any JR Pass has to be exchanged within 90 days after purchase. The date is only an indication and not binding in any way.

Both ordinary and first class JR Passes include seat reservations. No additional costs are required.

The official rule when you miss the train is that you have to take a non-reserved seat on the next train. However JR Staff will generally just assign you a new seat when you show the JR Pass. (I know this from personal experience).

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