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jr pass 7 days for 12 days holiday

JR pass 7 days for 12 days holiday


I am travelling for 12 days with the following itinerary:
Day 1 : arrive to Osaka at 6.10 pm
Day 2 : Osaka
Day 3: osaka - kyoto (in the morning)
Day 4: Kyoto
Day 5: kyoto (will go to arashiyama and surrounding)
Day 6: Kyoto - Tokyo
Day 7 : Tokyo
Day 8: Tokyo
Day 9: Tokyo
Day 10 : Tokyo
Day 11 : tokyo
Day 12 : tokyo - to narita airport

The significant fees is travelling from Osaka-kyoto( approx 2110-3400 yen), kyoto- tokyo( approx 13200 yen), as well as tokyo - narita (approx 3000 yen) and each I make it one way rather than two ways journey for each town I visit.
Firstly I am planning to buy 7 days JR Pass, however after I recalculating the fare fees using hyperdia, it seems it is not ecomonical rather than buying individual tickets. Please correct me if I am wrong.

secondly, I was informed that there is a one day pass ticket in osaka. If I am planning to go to osaka castle, osaka park as well as shopping area in namba/kita/dontonburi (my hotel location is namba) , does it more cheaper for me to buy indifvidual tickes rather than one day pass

thirdly, if i am not using JR pass to travel with, is there any preference bullet train/shinkansen/train/metro/subway that I should choose eg cheaper or more time table ?

Grateful for your advice


Hi there,

The JR-Pass is about the same value as a return Osaka - Tokyo, since you will only travel one way combines with some local travel I don't think that the JR-Pass is the best option for you. So you are absolutely right there.

By Osaka one day pass do you mean the Osaka Unlimited Pass If I remember correctly the entrance fee to Osaka castle is 600 Yen and a ride in Osaka with the metro is about 200 Yen. So it does depend on how much you plan on traveling around for it to be worth it, of course you can add an other sightseeing spot as well :)

If you want to travel cheaply to Tokyo, consider using a night bus, these are sometimes as low as 3500/Yen one way and you also save on accommodation costs, however if you can't sleep in the bus you may loose the next day to tiredness.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

thanks so much for your advice. Much appreciated.



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