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jr pass 21 days

JR PASS 21 Days

I log into Hyperdia to check to plan my trip to Japan 21 March 2016 to 20 April 2016 and intend to get the 21 day JR pass. But in the Hyperdia notice different names, how do I know whether I can use the JR pass for these connection rail.

My itinerary is arrive Osaka, Kyoto and then travel to Kyushu where I plan to activate the 21 day pass. In Kyuushu plan to travel to Fukuoka-Nagasaki-Kumamoto-Kagoshima-Takachiho-Beppu.


Kindly advise how to maximise the 21 day JR pass. Thank you.

Christine Tan


Hi Christine Tan,

Pretty much all the travel you plan to do is covered by the JR Pass. The only exception is travel to and from Takachiho, since it does not have a train-station any longer.

In Hyperdia, leave the option [private railway] unselected and you should only find JRpass covered routes. There are some small exceptions where a JR train may travel over privately held railways but I don't see any in your itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san for your input. As per your advice I have deselected the private railway but HyperDia does not show the route. Only with select option private railway then only it appear. Besides HyperDia is there any other source that I may check.

Thank you Daniel-san


Hi again!

What route [Station Name] [Station name] are you looking for?

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