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jr-pass: 1 week / 2 weeks / no?

JR-Pass: 1 week / 2 weeks / No?

Hi everyone,
Another JR-pass question, hope someone can be so kind to advice us.

We are travelling to Japan for the first time and already planned our stays and now would like to know if a JR-pass would be of value.

26 April Osaka>Koyasan
27 April Koyasan>Nara
28 April Nara>Kyoto

((4 days in Kyoto))

2 May Kyoto>Tokyo
((4 days in Tokyo)) 7 MayTokyo>Osaka
8 May Osaka>Arima>Osaka

The questions:
- JR-pass 2 weeks from 26 april 9 May = €341.00

 But does this cover all our travels?
  • JR-pass 1 week from 2 May untill 8 May = €214.00 Plus all the costs of 3 travels in April - but i read somewhere that these are very cheap fares, is that true? (This must be better than JR-pass 26 april to 2 May, then we have no JR-pass in Tokyo and have to but a ticket from Tokyo to Osaka and from Osaka returnticket to Arima.)

  • Or is it cheaper to just buy seperate tickets for us (no JR-pass)?

  • Would the JR-pass also cover a trip to Takayama (made from Tokyo)?

We hope someone can help us with this, we would be very thankful.


Hello there,

For this a 7 day JR Pass is the best option for travel between Kyoto - Tokyo - Osaka and buy normal tickets for the Koyasan/Nara part.

The JR Pass also covers travel to Takayama, which alone is 15,000yen for one way if you don't have a JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for your helpful answer Daniel! (Then we will try to go to Takayama too. )

Just one more thing, hope you don't mind to answer. I found a website ( for the prices of travels by train, but cannaot find prices for travels in Koyasan part.

  • Can you give me a link to a website where i can find the prices for the Koyasan/Nara part?

Anyway thank you very much, i see you are very helpful to everyone here in the forum!


Hi again!

It's easy to look up routes using

For travel to Koya-san use the station name gokurakubashi. For Nara just use Nara :)

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