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Jr pass

hi there.
I will be visiting Japan next year and will arrive at Osaka Kansai airport.
Understand that i can use the JR pass travel to Tokyo via Shin-Osaka station.
Can use the pass take Tokyo busses and train as well?
What the different between JR pass with JR East pass?


Hi there,

Yes, you can use the JR Pass on local JR lines and local JR buses in Tokyo as well (besides for your train to Kyoto via Shin Osaka of course).

The JR East Pass is a pass that is only valid in the Tokyo - Tohoku region (north of Tokyo). So it won't be of much use when you come from Kyoto. The ordinary JR Pass is valid nation wide and does cover your travel from Kansai Airport to Osaka and on to Tokyo.

I hope this helps,

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