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What should I buy for the time limit? On what date should I start using the JR pass?

Itinerary as follows:
7/15 Narita Term 1 - Shinjuku
7/16 Hakone - fuji (kawaguchi lake)
7/17 Shinjuku - Osaka
7/18 USJ
7/19 Osaka - Sheraton Bay Hotel
7/20 Disney Park
7/21 Disney Park
7/21 Sheraton Bay Hotel - Ueno
7/22 Shibuya, Ginza, around Tokyo
7/23 Ueno - Narita Term 1

What kind of category for kid with birth's date on 19 Nov 2004 (children or adult)

Should I buy Suica Card or Pasmo Card also (and what the different between Suica and Pasmo)?

thx for the response



Hi Yuli,

I recommend to use a 7 day JR Pass. It does not matter than much when you start using it, as long as you include the trip to Osaka and back to Tokyo with it. These are the most expansive routes.

There is no real difference between Suica or Pasmo, its the same kind of product by different companies. For more details on IC cards see:

The day of purchase is leading whether your child can use a JR Child pass, as long as he/she is below the age of 12 when you place your order, they can qualify.

Hope this helps,

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