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I'm travelling as follows:
1) Kansai Airport to Nara
= Kansai Airport - Ltd Exp Haruka 14 -Tennoji - JR Yamatoji Rapid Service - Nara

2)Nara to Kyoto
= Nara - JR Nara Line Rapid Service - Kyoto

3) Kyoto to Takayama
= Kyoto - Ltd Exp (Wide View) Hida 25 - Gifu - Ltd Exp (Wide View) Hida 25 - Takayama

4) Takayama to Osaka
= Takayama - Ltd Exp (Wide View) Hida 10 - Nagoya - Shinkansen Hikari 473 - Shin-Osaka - JY Kyoto Line Local - Osaka

Which JR Pass is the best suitable and money-saving for me?


Hi there,

That would depend on your time scedule? I can find the best pass for you if you let me know how much time you wish to spend in each place.

Hope to hear from you,

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Hi Daniel

Sorry for omitting such important details. Here they are:

1) Kansai Airport to Nara (5 Nov 2014)

2)Nara to Kyoto (7 Nov 2014)

3) Kyoto to Takayama (10 Nov 2014)

4) Takayama to Osaka (12 Nov 2014)

5) Osaka to Kansai (15 Nov 2014)



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