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jr pass - 7 days

JR Pass - 7 days


I have 10 days in Japan before joining a tour in Tokyo.

Day 1 - Arrive in narita
Day 2 - catch shinkansen to Osaka.
In Osaka for 6 nights, during which time, I intend to catch public transport to as many attractions in and around Osaka as possible. Say, at least 4 short trips per day.
Day 7 - day trip from Osaka to Kobe
Day 8 - Osaka to Uji (stay 1 night)
Day 9 - Uji to Arashiyama (stay 1 night)
Day 10 - catch Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo

There are a few options for me, none of which is great as each would leave me with up to 5 days short that I need to top up with other types of passes, so would appreciate your suggestions:

  • buy shinkansen return to Tokyo. I would then need to buy several day or trip tickets for airport transfer, and within Tokyo transfer to accommodation on day 1 and day 10.
  • buy a 7 day JR pass to travel around Osaka
  • buy a 5 day Kansai Wide Area pass to travel around Osaka.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Trang,
I think you already grasp your situation. Neither a 7 day JR Pass nor a 5 day Kansai Wide Area pass pay off for just staying around the Kansai area. You basically have 2 choices - pay regular fare for the Tokyo-Kansai-Tokyo rail travel, or expand your itinerary so that a 14 day pass would pay off. If you were willing to take a day trip or overnight to Hiroshima for example, which is also well worth visiting, then the 14 day pass would pay off. If you don't care for that idea, then there are some regional Kansai passes you could use, such as the 5 day Kintetsu Rail Pass, or Hankyu tourist pass.

For getting to/from Narita, you might look at the 1000 yen bus.

Good luck.


Thanks, Toraneko.


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