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jr kanto pass to visit fuji and hakone

JR kanto pass to visit fuji and hakone

We are a group of doctors visiting japan for a conference from march 30 2014 to april 6 2014
we would arrive at Narita airport terminal 2 around nine pm, and wish to visit Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort and Mt. Fuji, hakone area
we are planning to get a JR Kanto Pass for us and use it on our trip to Trip and use it for the last 3 days of our stay we have a few questions

  1. what is the easy and economical way to travel from nartia to minato area, where our hotel is on march 30 th night,. our flight's scheduled arrival is 20:55, what we see is narita express does not work in that time, then what are the other options. the nearest train station is hamamatsucho.
    2.When and where should we buy the JR Kanto pass with the gala yuzawa resort coverage
  2. if we buy on 30th march at narita can we make reservations for gala resort ,in case the flight gets delayed and we buy the pass at hamamatsucho or tokyo station, then can we get reservation for bullet train to gala resort.
    4.visiting Mt. Fuji and hakone area, should we buy the hakone free pass from odawara station as it costs less?
    does JR knato pass allow travel to odawara station.
  3. is it better to approach fuji from kawaguchiko station, does it have better view that watching from gotemba from odawara side using haokone pass.
  4. can we cover fuji and hakone area in one day?
  5. in that case can we cover some other area using the kanto pass

our questions may not be very practical, but we are not aware of travel problems and time required in japan


Hi there!

Visiting Fuji and Hakone can be difficult if you don't prepare before hand as there are different transport companies and methods involved.

1.) Arriving late at Narita Airport is not ideal but you can still travel to Tokyo and Hamamatsucho. Here is the route.

2.) You can purchase the Kanto Pass at Narita Airport or Tokyo station.

3.) You can buy the pass at any time and start using it right away, so I would recommend buying it on the day that you travel to Gala Yuzawa. The Kanto pass does not cover travel to Odawara so you may be better off buying the Hakone Pass and travel from Shinjuku station in Tokyo. The full coverage can be found here.

4.) Fuji (if visible) is beautiful from every side! Choosing an approach (such as Kawaguchiko or Hakone) is better based on what else you would like to see and do in the area than just for a view of Fuji.

5.) You can visit Hakone (and view Fuji from there) as a day trip, however there's a lots to see and do in Hakone, so make a plan(ing) beforehand.

Hope this helps!

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Dear Daniel,
Thanks for reply it is really helpful
Would like to further ask you few more things
1.As you have guided us that hakone pass should be taken from shinjuku and JR kanto pass is not valid till odawara, in that case do you recommend that we travel from hamamatsucho to shinjuku and back using a single ticket and not utilizing the JR kanto pass. Do you think that the option of not using JR Kanto pass would be cheaper ? case we do not use JR Kanto pass for Hakone, besides gala yuzawa, what other places we can visit from tokyo using JR Kanto pass on a day trip basis, may be using passes like hakone


Hi Again,

1.) I would indeed recommend using local tickets for travel to Shinjuku as local travel prices are very low and a pass, such as the Kanto pass would not be put the good use.

2.) Please refer to this map for the exact coverage and recommendations of what to visit.

Hope this helps too!

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