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jr kanto pass

JR Kanto pass

Refer to Daniel info that, I can use JR Kanto pass for most of the way to Nagano but not the complete way.
I got more questions

  1. Since it's not complete way, Can I know how to get the monkey park by using JR Kanto pass?
  2. What is the cost after using JR Kanto pass to get to Snow Monkey park?
  3. As I will stay 6 days, should I buy 2 JR kanto passes? (it's valid only 3 days from what i read on the website)
  4. Where I can buy JR Kanto Pass beside the JR EAST Travel Service Center at Haneda Airport? (I've read they may close the office on new year festival) I'll arrive there on 29th December 12:30PM
  5. JR Kanto Pass is also valid for Asakusa, shibuya, ueno, imperial palace, ginza, roppongi?
    Thanks in advance
  6. Do I have to take any other bus/ train/ taxi to Mt.Fuji after using JR Kanto pass? if yes, what's the cost and how to?

Please suggest about the cool places for winter for 2 young girls (middle 20) we like natural, technology, museum, art and history.


Hi again,

1 & 2.) The JR Kanto pass covers travel as far as SAKU-DAIRA, from here it's an additional ¥ 3,250 with the Shinkansen to Nagano. From Nagano you can take a direct bus to Jigokudani (Money Park) which takes 40min / ¥ 1,300. You can find more information on how to access the park here.

3.) It depends on what you can cover with it. For instance a visit to Fuji alone is worth buying a JR Kanto Pass, however it may not be the best option if you use it for just local travel in Tokyo.

4.) Here is the full list of sales locations which include major stations as Tokyo and Shinjuku.

5.) The JR Kanto Pass, like the JR Pass covers all of the local JR Network in Tokyo which you can use to travel to Shibuya, Ueno, the imperial palace (Tokyo station), Ginza (5min walk from Yukakucho station) and Roppongi. Only Asakusa required the use of the Metro, which is ¥ 160 from Ueno station. You can also walk from Ueno station which takes about 30-40 minutes to Asakusa.

6.) It depends on what you wish to see, Fuji does not have an address such as a Hotel or Museum. You can visit the surrounding area. For instance, you can take the train to Kawaguchiko, one of the famous lakes around Fuji and walk to the lake from the station and see Fuji as well. However you may have to resort to other kinds of transportation if you want to see other parts in the area.

When you are in Tokyo, I would heartely recommand a visit to Odaiba which is a very modern area in Tokyo, there's a lot of interesting shopping places, you can hang around the water front or see Tokyo tower from the Rainbow Bridge). There are also some very interesting museums in the area which you may like, such as the National Museum of Emerging Science. Which exhibits future technologies.

Hope this helps!


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