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jr kanto area pass & arrival

JR Kanto Area Pass & Arrival

Hello! I will be arriving in Japan in April.

What is the cheapest way to get to Smile Hotel Nihombashi from Narita Airport Terminal 1? I will most likely take the N'EX from the airport to Tokyo Station, but what about Tokyo Station to my hotel and vice versa? I'm still in the planning stages and don't completely understand how the trains work (private / JR reserved only / certain trains aren't covered under Kanto Area Pass, etc.).

I plan on getting a JR Kanto Area Pass two days later and was wondering if it was possible to get to and from Tokyo Station and my hotel using this pass? Also, are buses covered by the Kanto Area pass? I will be planning all my adventures around this 3 day Kanto pass as I would prefer not to spend anymore money on transportation.

Please advise. Thank you! =)


Hi there!

To get to Nihombashi, I'd suggest using the following route Narita - Aoto - Oshiage - Nihonbashi this the cheapest way to get there and only takes ¥ 1,280. This route is not covered by any pass but you can start using to pass at a later time and make better use of it.

Nihombashi is not directly on any JR line but there are several stations within 10 walk, from where you could start using your pass. Most buses are not included in the Kanto pass.

Hope this helps!

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